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Because there are so many variables and types of bait it would be pointless to have any type of pricing or price list.  Things like availability, market, delivery distance, etc., will determine the price of the bait.  Certainly I, NOR YOU, are going to drive fifty miles to bring someone 25 pounds of bunker for $10.00.

I love to net bait but it is still HARD WORK!  If the pickings were good and I did not have to run thirty miles to chase the bait down I will be more than fair with you.  But if I had to throw my net 100 times, run 40 miles, spent 8 hours to capture 150 pounds of bait, I'm not giving it away!!!  Just contact me and I will tell you what the present bait situation is and we can work out the details.....

You can go to my "Contact Me" page to request bait or for details on how to get in touch with me.
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