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I was born in Ocean County, New Jersey and have been a lifelong resident of Toms River.  I fresh water fished from the age of seven to seventeen.  After acquiring my driver's license I began to salt water fish regularly!   I started throwing a three foot ( six foot diameter ) cast net as a little kid and the nets got bigger as I got older.  I suspect they may start getting smaller again because I realize I am NOT getting any younger.  The custom nets I throw now are from eight to fourteen feet ( twenty eight foot diameter ) depending on conditions and laws of course.

I was an active, avid and aggressive jetty/beach fisherman for twenty plus years.  I use to fish seven days (more nights for big stripped bass) a week.  At the level I fished, you could not really fish both from a boat and from the beach.  The crowds at Island Beach State Park have grown out of control from the days of 150 annual beach buggy passes to almost 8000!  Therefore, a boat gives one a bit more freedom and range to get away from the crowd and even that is not so easy with the amount of people in our state.  Regardless, everyone has a right to fish, but I just prefer to do it alone away from the crowd and limelight.

Not to boast or brag but I have caught more 20-40 pound striped bass in a day than most fishermen will catch in a lifetime.  I still love the thrill of a bass opening up a hole in the ocean trying to engulf that live bunker, but I get equally excited netting bait.  The challenge of netting finger mullet from the beach is something I really enjoy and most people consider me extremely proficient at it.
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