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When it comes to fishing there is NO substitute for live and fresh bait!  There are countless tournaments that have been won and record fish caught by the guy or girl who had the freshest bait which exude the oil and scent that only fresh bait can.  As far as live bait, the "real thing" is no contest for a fish that wants to eat.  While certainly there are times that a school of marauding bluefish will tear through almost anything thrown at them, don't EVER forget it was some type of baitfish present that put them there and on the bite in the first place!

I have personally seen times when there was half a dozen or so really good anglers fishing a rock jetty plugging with artificial lures of all types to no avail, only to be humbled in less than sixty seconds when someone came along and dropped in a live bunker or herring in the water ten feet from where they had been fishing for an hour.

As far as chumming and/or chunking nothing does a better job of lying down a nice long slick than fresh bait.  "Tired bait" is just that - TIRED!

Tired bait?  I can't help you. Fresh bait? I can help you!   Give me a call, I'm "The Baitguy"
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