Contact Information
There are many ways in which to contact me and I have included a variety of ways to do so on this page.  During the height of our spring-early summer striped bass run I am on the water 5-7 days a week weather permitting.  I trailer my boats and launch from nine different ports in New Jersey from Sandy Hook to Cape May.  Predominately, I am off the Island Beach State Park to Deal, New Jersey shoreline during this time frame and generally within a half-mile or closer to the shoreline.  I use cast nets to obtain bait and when I am active I am fairly easy to locate.  I mostly net from my 1900 Maycraft Center Console ( white w/red accents ).

I have my marine radio on and generally monitor channel 72.  If you hail me you can just shout for "the bait guy or bait man".  Many of the local captains and guides know me personally and you can always ask any one of them if they know of my whereabouts.  If you reach me on the marine radio you can give me your my cellular telephone number.  That way we can speak directly without radio interruption.

You can also call my toll free number and leave a message or speak to anyone who may answer.  My office has many ways to contact me.

You can also fill out the bait request (order interest) form by clicking on the link on the left side of each page that says "Bait Request".  Or by clicking >HERE<
Phone: 888-528-6537

Radio Channel: 72